Drones, goggles, parts, and tools we endorse

Ready-to-Fly Drones and Goggles

Blade Inductrix FPV Micro Drone

A small, durable FPV-capable micro drone that’s great for beginners. Comes with a radio transmitter and video monitor.


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Eachine VR-007 Pro Video Goggles

40 Channel 5.8G video goggles for FPV piloting. Comes with a 3.7V 1600mAh battery.


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Fat Shark Dominator V3 Goggles

Comfortable and high-quality fat shark video goggles.


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Batteries & Accessories

Tattu 1S 3.7 Volt Batteries (x5)

Pack of 5 1-Cell batteries made by Tattu that fit the Blade Inductrix. 45C Rating and 220mAh.


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Tattu 3S 11.1V LiPo Battery

3-Cell LiPo battery that will fit Flymore Academy built quadcopters. 45 C-rating and 2300 mAh.


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UltraPower Dual Battery Charger

Charge 2 batteries at once with this charger. May need an extra XT60 banana plug connector. Charge in safe place at safe rates.


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FPV Freerider Drone Simulator

Realistic drone piloting simulator that we use in Flymore Academy.


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Betaflight Configurator for Chrome

Set up and configure your flight controller.


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BLHeli Configurator for Chrome

Configure your BLHeli compatible Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC).


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Replacement Parts

DALPROP 5045 Propellers

3 sets of DALPROP 5-inch propellers for a Flymore Academy built quadcopter.


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Foxeer XAT600M FPV Camera

FPV mini camera with 2.8mm lens that will fit a Flymore Academy quadcopter.


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Matek LED Light Strips (x4)

4 pack of LED light strips to attach to your quadcopter. Requires soldering to wire power from PDB.


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Tools and Materials

Soldering Iron

Affordable soldering iron kit for beginners. 60W.


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60-40 Rosin Core Solder

4 Ounces of 60-40 rosin core solder for soldering electronic components. 0.6 mm diameter.


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X-Treme Silicone Tape

10 feet of x-treme tape for securing ESCs to your quadcopter arm and protecting them.


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